Post Operative Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation is instrumental to long-term recovery and future health. At the Four Oaks Physio we are aware that each person’s rehabilitation after surgery is a different experience and everyone has different goals to strive for.
We are providing individualized physiotherapy interventions concentrating on improving muscle strength, joint range of movements and returning the patient to optimal strength, function, and mobility. We help in the post-operative recovery of patients who have undergone orthopaedic procedures such as knee replacement, hip replacement, ankle surgery, spinal surgery, and general surgery.
With long waiting lists for NHS physiotherapists, Four Oaks Physio can offer quick access to the treatment you need. Without the need for a referral from your GP, you can be confident in finding a physiotherapist that specialises in the treatment and care you require.
Our physiotherapist at the Four Oaks Physio also provides home visit physiotherapy assessment and treatment if you have difficulty attending the clinic.

Post Operative Physiotherapy

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