Elderly Care

Falls and poor bone health are a major cause of disability in the older population. As physiotherapists we understand not only the physical injuries/disabilities that a fall can cause but also the impact that a fall can have on a clients’ confidence and how this in turn can then affect their day to day activities.
We provide a holistic assessment to identify pre-disposing factors to falling and a management plan to address these and reduce the risk of further falls, improve your mobility and independence. If you have walking difficulty, fear of falling and problems with balance we can help people to restore, maintain, improve strength and mobility through a structured programme.
With long waiting lists for NHS physiotherapists, Four Oaks Physio can offer quick access to the treatment you need. Without the need for a referral from your GP, you can be confident in finding a physiotherapist that specialises in the treatment and care you require.
Our physiotherapist at the Four Oaks Physio also provides home visit physiotherapy assessment and treatment if you have difficulty attending the clinic.

Elderly Care

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